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Apassionata - Under the mirror's spell

An unforgettable show, full of horses, ponies and acrobatic elements, is finally coming back to Sweden. Last time the show set foot here in 2006, the show at Malmömässan was completely sold out. After 10 years of touring Europe, we can finally announce that Apassionata is coming back - with a whole new show "Under the mirror's spell". This performance is full of magical encounters and enchanting scenery, tied in with a great storyline full of actors and horses.

A mysterious house of mirrors, mystifying magic and the power of love and friendship – these are the main ingredients of the upcoming APASSIONATA show "Under the mirror’s spell". The audience can look forward to magical moments, both tender and exciting, as well as plenty of surprises along the way. The gripping story surrounding the disappearance of young Amy will keep everyone on the edge of their seats. The girl’s sister has the task of finding out how Amy’s fate is intertwined with that of a mysterious magician and his fascinating abilities.

Playful, free-running horses and ponies in the midst of dreamy, idyllic landscapes, harmonious dressage routines and mystical, wild riders who perform masterful tricks on their stunt horses... These are just a handful of the spectacular and emotional highlights depicted so uniquely in the show. APASSIONATA – "Under the mirror’s spell" contrasts goose bumps with excitement, and laughter with amazement and celebration; with the show itself becoming a fairground of possibilities – and impossibilities...

Experience this unparalleled show for yourself! With a blaze of colours, rich musical accompaniment and outstanding riding and dance skills as well as acrobatic elements, Europe’s most successful family entertainment show wants to raise the bar once again and cast a spell over audiences in 30 cities around Europe – quite literally!

Note that the show at Malmö Arena will be presented in swedish.

Dont miss out on this amazing show!
For more information, visit www.apassionata.com

Important Information

For the consideration of everyone
Smoking is only allowed outdoors. A stamp must be obtained at one of the entrances before you leave the arena. Umbrellas and laser pointers (or other objects that can cause injury to others), your own food and drink, or professional audio or video equipment, may not be brought into the arena.

Once you are here
We are happy to help you with any queries and will try to solve any problems you may have. Look for one of our hosts inside the arena.

To deposit your coat at the wardrobe in the arena costs SEK 20 (cash or card).

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Can be found at Hyllie Stationstorg.

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