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Apassionata - Cinema of Dreams

Time travel with the dream theatre: The new APASSIONATA show „Cinema of Dreams“

The great age of film has dawned: in a small town, a cinema has opened, and with it the magic of escaping into fantastical worlds. The magic of its films also puts Eve and Tom under its spell – from thereon in, their life together is shaped by the dream theatre. The new APASSIONATA show reaches through the 20th century as it accompanies two friends who never give up their yearning and hopes, even though time turns against them and their dreams...

Following the opulent inauguration of the cinema, the young friends Tom and Eve see their first big movies here: one film lets them experience the home of rapacious pirates who make the seas froth with their wild horses. The freebooters perform brilliant tricks on, next to and under their mounts, led by their captain and his impressive stallion. As soon as night falls over the islands of the South Seas, fiery voodoo magicians haunt a beach-side fortress... the impressive climax of the sinister ceremony features a mysterious lady on horseback and magnificent dressage moves. The next film takes place in the ice-covered land of a snow queen, who celebrates the winter with her court of acrobats, snowmen and Friesian stallions.
Yet the world outside the cinema also continues to turn – far too fast, it seems – for now television manages to captivate ever more people. The era of the TV show master has dawned. With a delightful liberty dressage act involving miniature ponies, he knows how to thrill audiences in a unique way. Yet Eve and Tom remain loyal to their beloved cinema right until the last performance. It is with a heavy heart that they leave behind the movie theatre, which is shutting down. After many years have passed, the two friends, now lovers, return to their home town. As they stand in front of the overgrown ruins of their once-beloved cinema, they both decide to not give up on their great dream!

With the upcoming show, APASSIONATA’s visitors can once again look forward to a firework of emotions and creativity: an ensemble of superlative horse-riding, presented in wonderful compositions of impressive lighting effects, lovingly designed costumes and captivating rhythms, melodies and dance choreographies! During a breath-taking journey through time which takes in the modern era, audiences will witness a newhich takes in the modern era, audiences will witness a new, enchanting programme which will tour 32 Europe’s cities from October 2016 to June 2017.

Available Dates

Apassionata - Cinema of Dreams
03 June
6:30 PM
Apassionata - Cinema of Dreams
04 June
2:00 PM

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