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The Swedish Championship in figure skating 2016

The Swedish Championship in figure skating 2016 will be held in Malmö Arena on the 15-18 of december.

The Swedish Championship in figure skating will be held in Malmö Arena on the 15-18 of december 2016.

The competition schedule 

Thursday 15th of December

3:25 PM Riksmästerskap (Youth 13) 

5:45 PM Youth SM boys

6:50 PM  Opening Ceremony

19:20 Junior SM Ladies

Friday 16th of December

12:30 PM Youth SM Girls

2:40 PM Junior SM Men

3:30 PM Youth SM Couples 

3:45 PM Riksmästerskap (Youth 13) Girls 

6:40 PM Medal Ceremony Girls

7:00 PM SM Men

7:30 PM SM Ladies

Saturday 17th of December

11:00 AM USM girls 

1:50 PM Youth SM boys 

3:30 PM Youth SM Couples 

3:45 PM Junior SM Ladies 

Sunday 18th of December

11:30 AM Junior SM Men 

12:30 PM SM Men SM

1:05 PM SM Ladies SM

3:45 PM Medal Ceremony



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Important Information

Preliminary times
The main entrance is situated at Hyllie Stationstorg in Hyllie. 
Doors at:
Thursday: 2:30 PM
Friday: 11 AM
Saturday: 10 AM
Sunday: 10 AM
See the competition schedule in the above event information. 

How to get here
It is very easy to get to Malmö Arena by public transportation. Hyllie Station and the bus stops are only about 2 minutes away from our main entrances. For more information about how to find your way here, click here

Smoking is only allowed outdoors. A stamp must be obtained at one of the entrances before you leave the arena. Umbrellas and laser pointers (or other objects that can cause injury to others), your own food and drink, or professional audio or video equipment, may not be brought into the arena. 

Once you are here
We are happy to help you with any queries and will try to solve any problems you may have. Look for one of our hosts at the arena. 

ATM machine
Can be found at Hyllie Stationstorg.

If you have any further questions - see FAQ.

Table Reservation

Malmö Arena has a wide selection of restaurants, book a table at one of our restaurants!

Malmö Arena Hotel is situated in direct connection with Malmö Arena. The hotel has 295 rooms, a skybar and a wide range of conference opportunities.