Eurovision Song Contest 2024 Semifinal 2 - Evening Preview
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Eurovision Song Contest 2024 Semifinal 2 - Evening Preview

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The Eurovision Song Contest is back in Malmö, and it's your time to shine in the audience at Eurovision 2024!

Welcome to another chapter of the Eurovision story, where music knows no boundaries, and where Malmö, once again, promises to be a place of magic, celebration, and unforgettable moments. 

Make sure to stay updated about the event here on our website, where we have the most recent and updated information. 

Here's all you need to know about your visit!

  • Security

    Security is always our main priority and Malmö Arena, SVT and the local authorities are in close contact in regard to all security matters. Security checks with metal detectors will be conducted upon arrival. The event area is monitored by security personnel in cooperation with the police authority 24/7.  This is done through camera surveillance and patrolling teams. 
  • Be on time

    Make sure to be well on time for your event. We recommend at least two (2) hours prior to the start of the show, to minimize the queues and to make your entry as smooth as possible.
  • No bag policy!

    Malmö Arena adheres to the authority decision regarding a no bag policy at major public events. Bags are prohibited except for:
    - a small purse or pouch (max 20 cm x 10 cm x 1 cm).
    - a small bag containing essential medicines in commercial non glas containers.
    - a changing bag for accompanied babies and young children.
  • Prohibited items

    Find a list of audience prohibited items here
  • Luggage storage 

    There will be storage facility service based at Hyllie Vattenparksgata 1, 200 meters from the main entrance at Malmö Arena. Cost: 75 SEK (Card payment and Swish)
    The Luggage Storage opens at 17:00 (5 PM CEST) before the Evening shows, and at 12:00 (12 noon CEST) before the Afternoon shows (except May 11th - when it opens at 11:00 (11 PM CEST) before the Afternoon show).
    The storage facility closes 1 hour after each show. 
  • Main Entrance and Malmö Arena Festival Area

    You will find the main entrance just opposite the train station Malmö Hyllie. Here you will also enter the festival area with food trucks, bars and music, which you can enjoy before you enter the arena!
    *No food and beverage from the festival area can leave the outdoor area. But don't worry - once you get in to Malmö Arena you will find new bars and kiosks!
    The main entrance/festival area will be marked with the letter A. Make sure you have your ticket ready - you need to show a valid ticket at the first checkpoint to enter the festival area. The no bag policy applies here as well.

    See entrance map
  • Opening hours: Main Entrance & Malmö Arena Festival Area

    Evening Previews and Live Shows starting at 21:00 (9 PM CEST):
    Festival area opens at 17:00/5 PM, and main entrance at 19:00/7 PM CEST
    Semi-Final Afternoon Previews starting at 15:00 (3 PM CEST):
    Festival area opens at 12:00/12  PM, and main entrance at 13:00/1 PM CEST
    Grand Final Afternoon Preview starting at 13:30 (1:30 PM CEST):
    Festival area opens at 11:00/11 AM, and main entrance at 11:30/11:30 AM CEST
  • Accessibility access

    You will find the accessibility entrance furthest to the right in the main entrance. Once inside the arena, the wheelchair section is located at A1-A4 and A17-A20. The ushers in that section will show you to your seat.
    Visitor with reduced mobility and other disabilities are also welcome at this entrance.
    Important; if you have a Standing Floor Ticket you can't use this entrance. You then need to enter thru the gates marked with "Standing Floor".
  • Standing floor tickets, sektion A, B, C, D, E

    Go to the entrance marked with "Standing section A & B", or "Standing section C,D & E" and get your wristband. Once inside the arena, you will find signs on the wall in front of you with information about which door that leads to the different standing sections - you will need to show your wristband upon entry to your section.
  • Personalized tickets

    There are only personalized tickets for the standing section on all the live shows. Here the name on the ticket needs to match your ID.
  • Time schedule

    Approximate ending time for the shows:
    - Evening Previews approx at 23:45/11.45 PM (except Evening Preview 10 maj approx at 01:30/01:30 PM)
    - Afternoon Previews approx at 17:15/5:15 PM
    - Live Semifinal Shows approx at 23:15/11:15 PM
    - Live Grand Final Show approx at 01:00/01:30 PM
  • Your ticket

    In order for you and your party to enter the arena quick and easy, we urge you to log in to your Ticketmaster account in good time to download your tickets to your mobile phone - preferably 24 hours before the event starts. When you download the tickets to your phone, they will be ready in offline mode - which means you dont have to rely on an internet connection (which often gets overloaded at the entrance).

    Please note that your booking confirmation is not your ticket. Look for the ticket with the barcode. If you cannot find your tickets; log into your Ticketmaster account - your tickets will be displayed there. If you can´t find your tickets in your account, contact Ticketmaster in good time.  
    You can also print your e-ticket.

    Inside the festival area you will find a ticket booth where we also can help you with other ticket issues if needed.
  • Age limit

    There is no age restriction. Children under 13 years must be accompanied by a guardian or other adult. We do not recommend bringing children under the age of 2 to the Eurovision Song Contest. The environment and the show are not suitable for young children. Also note that all visitors, regardless of age, need to have their own ticket to enter the festival area and the arena.
  • Be aware of cameras

    Eurovision Song Contest is a TV-production - sight might be restricted from all seats. As part of the audience, you might show up on screen. 
  • Cloak room

    Jackets/Outerwear are allowed to be brought into the arena, but there will not be any cloak room facilities available.
  • Cash free arena

    Malmö Arena is a cash free Arena and we only accept card payment.
  • No re-entry possible

    Please not that once your ticket has been scanned and you have passed through any of the entrances into Malmö Arena, you can't leave the venue if you wish to re-enter again.
  • Smoking

    Smoking is not permitted in Malmö Arena. Once your ticket has been scanned, it is not permitted to leave the venue if you wish to re-enter. There will not be any smoking areas that you can reach without exiting the arena.
  • Find your way to Malmö Arena

    It is very easy to get to Malmö Arena by public transportation. Hyllie Station is situated only two (2) minutes away from our main entrances.  
  • Unlimited travel during Eurovision 2024

    Don't miss out on the train and bus ticket which gives you unlimited travels all through Eurovision in the Skånetrafiken app. Download the app
  • Problems with your seats in the venue? 

    Contact staff in the venue if you are having any issues with your seats. All complaints must be handled on site – after the event your seats/tickets will be considered approved. 
  • Have a drink before you enter the show

    Du finner våra barer runtomkring i hela arenan.
    *Ingen dryck (med eller utan alkohol) får lämna barområdet och är inte heller tillåtet att ta med in i Arenarummet.
  • Something to eat?

    I våra kiosker finner du en bred variation av snacks, godis, läsk, öl (3,5% alkohol) och varm mat som hamburgare och korv.
    *Allt du köper i kiosk är tillåtet att ta med in i Arenarummet.
  • More questions? We are full of answers! See our FAQ


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