About Malmö Arena


Malmö Arena is centrally located in the expanding Öresund region which is also referred to as Greater Copenhagen.

We offer top-class event packages for both smaller and larger events. Our activities are of a broad nature that cater to different specializations involving sports, entertainment and food. We can also help you arrange conferences and congresses.

Malmö Arena has hosted diverse events such as the Eurovision Song Contest, the Junior Hockey World Championships and Nordic Congress of Radiology.


Planning for the development of the Hyllie district of Malmö started with the announcement of the construction of a new railway station in Hyllie...


The expansive district of Hyllie is the hub in the Öresund region and is also known as Greater Copenhagen. This verdant part of Malmö has residential areas...

Training hall

The training hall at Malmö Arena, Hyllie Vattenparksgata 7, is a modern ice rink, with the best ice in Malmö from early August until late March...