Food & Beverage

Food & Drink

Malmö Arena offers a wide selection of food and drink, where privately owned restaurants, bars, kiosks and fast food outlets provide optimal quality and flexibility! With a modern kitchen of 2,500 m2 the experienced chefs can offer menus adapted to the events. The kitchen can cater to both large and small groups and offer banquet dinners for up to 3,200 guests.


Cash-free arena

Of course, most types of payment and credit cards work.
For all sums under 200 SEK you do not even need to enter any code. Simply insert or "flip" the card and approve the purchase.


Malmö Arena offers a wide range of food and beverages to suit all tastes.

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Malmö Arena’s kiosks Arena Express offer a wide range of drinks, snacks and fast food.

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Malmö Arena customize menus for different events.

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