Sustainability Policy


Malmö Arena strives to be the obvious choice for sustainable events and an attractive workplace for our personnel. In this way we want to contribute to the positive development of City of Malmö.

For us within Malmö Arena, sustainability has to do with taking responsibility for the impact we have on our environment, and working on the basis of responsible environmental, social and commercial principles. Our sustainability work focuses on our energy consumption and the impact our services have on the environment, as well as improving the environmental performance of our properties and taking an active social responsibility. We want everyone to feel welcome and safe when they visit us, and we aim to provide experiences that generate added value. Malmö Arena’s sustainability work is based on a group-wide strategy that supports us in our daily work.

Our sustainability undertakings:

  • To use climate-smart, energy-efficient solutions
  • To conserve our use of finite resources and avoid environmentally hazardous substances
  • To reduce our emissions to air and water
  • To create a sound and secure environment in our premises with safe events
  • To be accessible to all, irrespective of a person’s disability or background
  • To be a good societal partner who supports vulnerable or disadvantaged groups and contributes to a broad range of activities for children and young people
  • To work to prevent discrimination and corruption
  • To respect human rights
  • To ensure that our employees are happy and are given opportunities to develop in their daily work
  • To collaborate with our suppliers in relation to sustainability issues
  • To maintain an ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders within the area of sustainability
  • To comply with Swedish legislation regarding areas such as the environment, our work environment, discrimination, corruption and human rights
  • To continuously improve our sustainability measures so that we always strive to achieve a good environment, good health and a safe society characterised by wellbeing