Eurovision Song Contest 2024 Semifinal 1 - Evening Preview
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Eurovision Song Contest 2024 Semifinal 1 - Evening Preview

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The Eurovision Song Contest is back in Malmö, and it's your time to shine in the audience at Eurovision 2024!

Get ready to celebrate the diversity of music and the spirit of unity at this incredible event taking place on May 6-11. There will be nine shows in total.

In the Evening Previews, you will get a full run through of the show featuring all countries participating including, as well as all opening and interval acts for the show.

In the Afternoon Previews, also known as the family show, you will get a final full run through of the show featuring all the countries participating. The afternoon preview is convenient for those who wish to bring younger Eurovision fans along. Some performers may not be in full make up during their live performance.

In the live shows it's live! The broadcast goes live around the world to more than 160 million people. In the semifinals, the countries find out who has made it to the Grand Final based on the audience votes and in the Grand Final, we’ll find out who will be the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2024! Audiences across Europe (and Australia) will get to cast their votes to add to the Jury scores.

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  • Preliminary times

    To be announced prior to the event.
  • How to get here

    It is very easy to get to Malmö Arena by public transportation. Hyllie Station and the bus stops are only about 2 minutes away from our main entrances. For more information about how to find your way here, click here
  • Bags are not allowed

    Malmö Arena adheres to the authority decision regarding a total ban of bags at major public events. This applies to all types of bags regardless of size. This also includes plastic bags, clear and covered. Exceptions may be made for people who for medical reasons need to bring a smaller bag or need a changing bag for their baby. These bags will be checked by authorized staff before entering the arena.
  • Security

    More information about security to be announced.
  • Once you are here

    We are happy to help you with any queries and will try to solve any problems you may have. Look for one of our hosts at the arena. 
  • Wardrobe

    More information to be announced
  • Cashless Arena

    Malmö Arena is a cashless Arena and only accepts card payment.

    If you have any further questions - see FAQ.
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